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One Day Sale at BassPro on Bomber Flat A's


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I love the Flat A. When the shad bite was on out here in early summer on the Fox I killed with this bait. You get to guess which color. ;)


Today only they're on sale for $2 each, limit 15. I'll be bringing my kid so we can snag 30. Normally they're $4.99, and a value at that price.


Aside from the Shallow Rap this is my fav shallow water crank. The Shallow Raps are also on sale for $4.29, down from $7.29. I restocked already. And I believe they have husky jerks at the same price.


Maybe I'll see you in Bolingbrook. Heckuva deal.

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Also Neoprene waders on sale for $59.00. I picked up a pair today, its their Redhead brand, which I have actually had pretty good luck with in the past. They still had plenty of sizes, in a stand by the "fly shop".

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