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Sorry for posting this late.

ISA Show Booth Outline


Please read

Hi everyone and thanks for helping, we really appreciate it.

I bolded the really important statements


Setting up the booth.

When setting up the booth, make sure everything that is there.


If your show has the big backdrop, the small table should remain on the side not in front of the booth. It should clear of clutter (no photo albums). Items on table should be newsletters and bait handouts.

If your show has the hanging backdrop, the big table goes in front with the blue tablecloth over it. Again no clutter on the table.


Be sure to try and leave show passes where each member of the booth staff has access to them. Leave them at the sign in desk at the end of the day so the next days workers can get in.

Each person working the booth should sign in each day they work.



An overview of what we’d like to accomplish.

Main Objectives:

Sign up new members and inform people about the ISA.


Handouts: When I work the booth I like to stand on the edge of the aisle and give passer bys a brochure. when I go to shoes there are lots of times I may not stop but when I get home I open my bag and go through stuff I got at the show. That's when some people may look over our material. They may not have time to talk but this gives us at least a chance for a sign up later or may they may check out the website. If they absolute get nothing we have no chance. So do your best to be along the aisle and giving people brochures, continually. This means not the first ten people then get bored and start talking with your fellow booth workers. Each show has about 100 newsletters. Please give interested people who stop and talk a newsltter. The newsletter looks so good and has the best chance of hooking (pardon the pun) a guy to join. Please tuck a Blowout flyer and brochure inside the newsletter. So you only have to give them one thing. I also think a smallmouth magazine will be more well received than a brochure. We also have the ISA conservation cards to give out. So they can get all of that stuff.


When handing it out say.... "Ever fish for smallmouth?"




Please read over the entire brochure. Use it when telling people about the Alliance

You might open with the question: Do you ever fish for smallmouth bass in Illinois? We have some fantastic fishing here in Illinois. Let them know that the ISA does a great deal of conservation in the state regarding smallmouth. Read the brochure! It describes all we’ve done in the last few years. You should use the brochure to list what the ISA is all about. Everything you need to tell them is right there.

Go to sale: Tell them it’s only $30 per year and their money goes towards all the great things we do. Tell them if they join now they’ll get a new (as oppsed to used) watr bottle right on the spot and two newsletters with 20 pages of great smallie information. They also get 6 great newsletters a year and we have outings and meetings throughout the state.





This is a basic function for anyone wanting to sell something. It is well known that if you don's ask them... THEY WON'T!!




I always ask and the worse thing they say is they'll think it over and maybe sign up online. Tell them the water bottle deal is only at the show and then thank them for listening and good luck fishing this year.


Try not to let someone who appears interested leave without signing up. That is our best chance to get them. Once they leave the booth, odds are slim that they will sign up later.


Don’t make false (inflated) promises about spots or locations or any other exaggeration. If you don’t know the answer to something, ask another member in the booth.


This is not a place to BS about fishing for 20 minutes with someone. I know it’s inevitable that there will be fish talk but try and steer the conversation to joining the ISA. If the person gives you the indication early on they have no intention of signing up, you can ease your way out of it and look for other people walking by. Too many times you spend a half hour with someone who doesn’t join while loads of other prospective people walk by. Don't BS with people (or other ISA members who come by) too much. If you're talking just keep an eye as people walk by and hand them stuff. You can sort of get a feel for people who are eying the booth and slowing down and for those who walk as fast as they can.

If they sign up, they get the water bottle and a membership package which should have two newsletters in it and some other assorted stuff.

Members who renew at the show can get a water bottle also.



Filling out the paperwork


Write down EVERY transaction! PLEASE PRINT Filling out the forms legibly is extremely important! Please do not allow the new member to fill in the form, do it yourself so that it can be read. We have to be able to read the forms so the information can be copied accurately. Fill in the entire form. Don’t skip any of the spaces.

Credit Cards

If the person is paying with a credit card, there are credit card slips in the pouch in this binder. Us the credit card imprinter and fill in the spaces showing what he has purchased and the amount. If your show does not have the imprinter, copy the card information on the slip, including the expiration date have him sign the slip and provide a phone number. Give him the customer copy. Place completed slip in the large pocket in the pouch provided in the binder. Make sure the credit card slip is readable All of the number should be legible.


Be sure the checks have the correct date, amount and have been signed. Also make sure to write down the dollar amount of the cash or check on the space provided on the form. Place check in the large pocket in the pouch provided in the binder.


Place the cash in the large pocket in the pouch provided in the binder. At the end of the day, make sure the amount of cash matches the total amount written on the new member forms and Blowout ticket form. Leave all cash / checks / credit card slips in the pouch in the show binder. Keep all the paperwork and money together don’t return them separately.

Blowout ticket forms

Write the name and hometown of each person attending is required.


Please be diligent in making sure everything is correct.


The end of the show.

All paperwork, Blowout sign up sheet, cash and all checks should stay in the binder with the booth and be brought back together. Try and make sure that the number of sign ups equals the amount of money on hand.

When packing up, be sure that nothing is left behind.


If you have any questions or problems call Scott Ferguson at 630-209-9452 (cell) or me at 630-723-1883



Thanks again for your help and lets have a successful show


Jim Jozwiak



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Guest rich mc

another question to ask is how would you like to improve on your smallmouth fishing? this also works as a comback if someone answers yes to fishing for smallmouth.

rich mc

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A VERY successful technique I use is to point out that you can spend $175 or more for ONE day on ONE body of water to have a guide show you how to catch smallies, or spend $30 and learn ALL of the waters throughout the ENTIRE year with hard-core smallmouth veterans. That opens up a dialogue for the rest of the benefits.


Of course, that isn't to say our guide trips offered at the Blowout aren't really good bargains!!

I'm just offering up a sales pitch that has worked to get new blood on board.

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