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12 days of smallmouth flies

Guest rich mc

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Guest rich mc

santa has his elves tying flies so what would your 12 flies be . here is mine


1 gary krebs popper kit

2 mushmouth flies

3 blockhead poppers

4 murdich minnows

5 Foxy Crawdads

6 shannon streamers

7 tequellies

8 pigboat flies

9 ultimate worms

10 flashtail clousers

11 whistlers[ whistling]

and 12 float n flies

as you can tell its a slow morning. rich mc

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Guest rich mc

thats a challenge that should produce a few new style flies for 2013. i have heard of more members that have ordered samples. i had a patch of feathered fur at the meeting today that turned some heads . rich

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Not sure that I can DO 12 days of flies. I have a VERY limited number of flies that slay, on my home waters. I use...

1. Sparkleminnows sz 4 & 6 (pearl, in most cases)

2. Sexi-poppers sz (med.-yellow)

3. Boogle Bugs (flo. yellow, or Blue Damsel)

4. Illinois Hopper (my version of the Cabela's BLT) beige top/yellow bottom....killer in July-Sept. sz 4

5. Ginger woolly bugger sz 6 (Aug-September)

6. Coffey Grinder (April-Oct.; white)

7. June Bug (mid May-mid June; olive)

8. Gummy minnow sz 6 &4 (gold/silver)

9. Crease Fly olive/silver sz 10 & 6 (Tiemco 8089 NP)

10. Whitlock Sheep Shad sz 2 (Salt Creek)

11. Cigarette Butt Popper (white/pearl)

12. MFC Diver olive over white sz 2

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