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Kishwaukee River Float-N-Clean

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Kishwaukee River Float-N-Clean

Saturday, May 18 - It's time for some Spring cleaning. Terry will be floating his garbage barge down the north branch of the Kishwaukee River.

What's a "garbage barge" you ask? Come out to Baumann Park in Cherry Valley @ 1pm and find out for yourself. And bring a camera because

Mike Clifford needs pics.




This came to me in a dream....

Being unable to sleep after such a dream, I began to decode the message and this is what I came up with;

It seems a little early to do a trash run. We just had major high water, so most of the trash is in the Mississippi by now. Also , we haven't had any tubers yet, and that's the source of most of the trash. I think the most effective trash runs would be after things heat up, particular after a major holiday like Memorial Day or the Fourth. Plus, there's the Chicago Region outing on the same day.

I am going to reschedule this event for a later date. Sorry.

Going by the words of the decoded message and the very little interest shown in this event, I just feel rescheduling

would be the best way to go and will also make for better pictures for Mike Clifford.

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