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  1. Tie one on guide service. Gordie is a great guy and guide. My dad really enjoys the way he explains things. He is out of the Kohler area.
  2. The legs are from ftd the dubbing is two colors of ice dubbing
  3. My favorite and most productive in a new color scheme others than white over white
  4. Sulking Sculpin by Pat Cohen, but I think it looks like a goby.
  5. All the materials are tied on the tiny flat part of the shank. Here is another I am extremely excited to try. The underbody is foam and it does float. On a sinking line this will drive smallies nuts.
  6. Actually just took it out and caught a very undersized pike on it. It has materials on the back hook, buck tail, flash, sparkle brush and craft fur. The front hook is a craft fur and sparkle brush, craft fur wing and stacked dubbing head. It fly looks the same now as it did before the fish
  7. A big meal for hungry springtime smallmouth or toothy critters
  8. Exactly a play on the Bart-o-minnow but taller and I think a better profile. More side to side and less water displacement.
  9. I have not fished these but have tested them and the are well keeled riding point up.
  10. It is tied on a Trokar ewg worm hook and will be fairly weedless.
  11. Saw a bunch in this style on instagram, gave it a shot and it reminds me a lot of a senko.
  12. The most important factor is the size of the fly and type of presentation not the size of the fish. With smallmouth I think it is unfair to use less than a 6 weight as the fight will put too much stress on the fish. As for flies if you plan on lighter flies under 4.5 inches, I would would go for a 6 weight. I personally use a 7 and 8 weight because I like bigger flies(5-8 inches) and it makes it easier to bomb a cast out. I never have to revive a fish long and seen the fish leave mostly unharmed is more fun for me. I am a. If supporter of made in America and a 7 weight St. Croix Avid might be the best deal in this category.
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