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Chatter Baits

James M

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I was at the outdoor show at Tinley Park today. I have heard lots about chatter baits and have not tied one on my line yet. I am very anxious to try these new inventions so I purchased 3 chatter baits in 3 different colors at the show. From what people tell me they are short of a combination of a spinner and a crank bait.


I fish in rivers mostly and the DuPage a lot. Anyone who wishes to share their opinion and or advise on chatter baits feel free to reply to me.


Thanks and I am also looking forward to the bronzeback blowout on the 24th and best of luck with the smallies!


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Guest rich mc

blk n blu chatterbait did excellant all year at shabbona. i did well on the dupage with a 3/8 olive color one during high water . be sure to use a braid line or power pro . c-b baits is donating 6 of them for the blowout, as well as other baits rich

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I did well with the chatterbaite like to pitch let it fall then slow roll it from cover seam to hitt on the fall


going to make my own this year the from stamia com they have a 1/4 jig that should kill on the river the 3/8 just was just a little big for the river hard to get a real to life look - fall from that heavy weight in a river

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I've watch a couple friends & clientes threw them with great success last season on rivers & streams. They have an incredible action.


My buddy, Dick, showed me how he builds his own versions. I'll be ordering materials from Stamina or Janns to create mine.



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