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Dog and Pony boat show


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Dog and pony boat show


icon_post_target.gifby Phil F on Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:25 am

Trying to get the boats out every chance I can. Hoping to get in shape. Might just be an excuse to go fishing. Notice I didn't say back in shape. I'm working out of two boats a 12' Native Watercraft Tegris and a 16' Wenonah Andirondack. The boats weigh 30lbs without the seat and 54lbs respectively. Both track great, easy to paddle and you can stand up and stretch or fish no problem. They're a little expensive but with the back problems I've had the light weight justifies it. Doing a lot of short trips upstream and back down mostly on the Kankakee in Illinois and a few small creeks in Indiana. Hope to hit the Wabash when it clears this summer. Yesterday I found fish on mid river structures on the Kank but had a tough time with boat control. It wasn't too windy so you could find/see boils mid river and fish them. So if you're going to buy a boat check these out. I purchased them through Appomattox River Company. Tom who works there is very helpful. Lots to learn about boat control. Shoot me a pm if you want to get in on the show.

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