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Any Steelhead fly fishers on here?


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Hey guys,

I plan to head over to Hoosier land for a day of fly fishing for Steelhead this week. Is anyone willing to share their favorite fall flies for these fish? Reports are saying the water should be low and pretty clear on this creek.


So far I have tied the basic egg with a #10 hook in various colors. I plan to do a few egg sucking leech patterns as well as the Eggi Juan Kanobi fly. The name was enough for me to say that I want to have a few in my box. Although I do not care for the name of this fly ( Chrystal Meth), I have what I need to tie this one and will have a few in the box as well. An egg eating stonefly pattern is the last one I came up with.


I have read about all these different ways to fish for steelhead and decided I just want to stick with the more traditional fly fishing approach. All that chuck and duck, spey business just isn't for me. If I can avoid even putting a split shot on is even better. I have read much on tube flies but do not have the materials/equipment to go that route. I was hoping for something I can tie myself. Keep in mind, I am pretty wet behind the ears when it comes to the bench.




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I fished the typical egg sucking leech and caught a few after many months of hard fishing. I bought a centerpin setup and never looked back, infact I caught 2 cohos and a nice steelie this morning on the pin. Flyfishing for chrome is hard work, but very rewarding. I enjoy flyfishing for steelies but I enjoy catching more fish with the centerpin. When you do catch one you'll be hooked for life.



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I've done the 'chuck 'n duck' as well as 'swinging flies' for them. The CnD is easy, technique doesn't matter, and effective. It's an easy way to catch a big fish on the fly, but I'm not the biggest fan. I'd rather just use a spinning or baitcaster setup rather than do the CnD. If you're going this route, eggs, egg sucking leaches, and nymphs are your best bet. Personally, I like a spin set up for chrome...less wear and tear on my arm.


Using a spey or switch rod to swing flies is also a possibility. You have to be a little more proficient with a rod to pull this off. A lot more fun than CnD, but I've only caught a few fish doing this. I've done a lot better with the CnD. This is a good site for steelhead inquiries...http://steelheadsite.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21&sid=b97a7ac1bc04ad609838ab2289d51a85


I hope you do well.

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I fly fish indiana for steelhead all winter long. I prefer to indicator fish or swing depending on the water. My number 1 goto fly is a black teeny nymph with a blue bead and small amount of purple flash as a wing. It works. Don't listen about the months of hard fishing without fish. If you know where the steelies are you will catch them. PM me if you need some more ideas.

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