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Sage ZXL 6wt. and Nautilus FW 5

Colt Johnson

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For sale is my newly built Sage ZXL 6wt. 4pc. 9' fly rod and a brand new Nautilus FW 5 reel with box and all paperwork and a H&H WF 6wt. line.


I am asking $325 for the rod with $10 shipping. The rod is in perfect shape and features a Struble U-22 seat which hides the screw lock beneath the fighting butt (you actually turn the fighting butt to lock or unlock the reel seat).


I am asking $150 for the reel with $10 shipping. The reel still has the original box and all of the paperwork including the blank lifetime warranty card. The reel comes with the H&H WF 6wt. fly line in excellent condition.


OR if anyone is interested in both the rod and the reel (with line), I would sell the whole outfit for $450 with $10 shipping.


Please contact me at coltrane45@hotmail.com if interested. Paypal preferred.

















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Thanks John. I've only spent a few hours casting it, but it performs really well. It is supposed to be Sage's medium fast sibling to the Z-Axis which is their fast action series. I would still consider the ZXL on the fast side and it can hammer out some 75' casts without too much effort. But it does bend a bit deeper than a similar Z-Axis.


The pictures don't show it, but the winding check is more complete and the tip top wrap has been added since I have taken these photos. (The photos are a few days old).


I picked up a hand made bamboo 4wt. planed and wrapped by Fred Paddock...which requires me to sell off what was going to be my go-to smallie rod for medium sized rivers and lakes. I'll just have to build another one when I get the money again!


That looks like a real beauty.

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