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Sad day/happy day


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Monday started out very sad. Got a call from my wife saying that we had sold the boat. Not selling the canoe. I held a very sentimental attachment to that boat for many reasons. But it was just becoming too much work and costly to keep it running. We also didn't get what it was worth which I expected. On the other hand, once I sold it I took the money and bought myself a new baitcasting reel and spinning rod that I've needed to finish combos. I bought a couple of lures that are kind of expensive and have never been able to justify buying. I took the family to a nice dinner which we havn't done in a while, then gave the wife some cash for new clothes (mega brownie points). I also fixed some little things around the house. I miss the boat, but some of the best memories of my life are in that boat and are burned forever in my mind. I look forward to giving my kids in the future a boat that they can feel that same way about someday. Thanks grandpa for everything you did for me. Tight lines and may you rest in peace.

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Just get the kids attached to the canoe! A lot fewer hassles, more peaceful, cheaper fuel...etc. etc. Plus, you'll never have one of those nightmare trips like your dad had a couple of weeks ago: lost plug, motor stalled out, oar breaking as you paddle the disabled boat, then to top it all off: a blown trailer tire on I-39 with no spare. It's hard to argue with sentiment, though. So in response to your title: my condolences/congratulations!

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