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Looking for a kayak

Patrick D

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Yeah, i saw a guy on craigslist have a 800$ yak for 225$ and i called on it.. it sold 30mins before.. :(

i think i might grab a kayak from farm and fleet.. i read some reviews its not bad i just want something stable enough for small rivers and lakes.. nothing for the fox or rock river but i thought i would post on here just to see if anyone had an older one or something just collecting dust :)

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Hi Patrick


I have a kayak and I do not want to part with it. I respond only because I am so happy with it, that I can't help but recommend it to anyone considering kayak fishing. The problem is that it costs a bundle, and triggered an sudden case of buyers remorse. That feeling went away within 10 minutes after we hit the water.


Its a Hobie Outback. Its for fisherman, not for pure kayakers, and I could not be happier with it. My recommendation is that if you want a kayak for fishing, go with the Hobie Outback.


If that is absolutely not a possibility, then I recommend any of the SOT (sit on top) models.



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