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Fishing around Galena, IL


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Apple River from the state park to Elizabeth (note trespassing issues); Galena River (aka as Fever River in Wisconsin)best fising north of the state line (Wisconsin has liberal access, i.e. if you're in the water you're legal) Both rivers usually good for numbers if conditions are right but limited size; 15" is a good size smallie for both streams. Apple River is stocked with rainbow trout the first week end in April every year and can provide good trout fising until the heat of summer. Hope that helps.

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the lake is good but you may want to check if you can use it on the lake

I have proporty in the teritory and you had to be a property owner to use your boat on it

I don't know how it works now but there is awalk way along the lake below the lodge and fishing can be good along it

I'm don't come checking on the Galena river and will post something later in the sping


check on the boat it will save you problems


Rich V

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My wife and I stayed there for our anniversary this year and our room came with a canow rental. I want to say that all of there rooms do. I didn't get to fish it but it's beautiful. Good luck, and let us know.

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Had some fun...travel day on Tuesday...and I did a bit of blue lining around the Apple R, and Galena Lake....fished Galena Lake on Wednesday PM for an hour or so...tough to access on foot and it looked like didymo on lots of rocks...some snot moss too...tossed a gold Kastmaster till I caught a dink LMB...then switched to a 1/4oz twin spin and worked two downed logs....enced up with two fish...dink on the Kastmaster, and a 18-19" greenie on the twin spin.


Thursday was a heck of allot better.....the lake sucked on foot, so I bagged the afternoon program and hit a couple blue lines...more driving than fishing in 3-4 hours..but I ended up with 20 or so......4-5 nice smallmouth in the 15-18" range, a few smaller, half dozen greenies, and two walleye....all on jigs...lucked into some dumb lightly fished bass IMO...but it was a heck of allot of fun. Cheers.

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