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For Sale-3 Casting rods

Paul F

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I really don't need these and I am looking to get rid of these ASAP, I found a really good deal on another setup that I want but I feel bad buying more rods and reels when I still have some sitting around...


These Daiwa rods are cheap, And thats why I bought them. I was using them for catching carp and bullheads a while back in a pond that was right by my house and at the time I had no other med action casting rods.I have two of them, I am only asking 15 per rod. It is a 6' Med action rod, rated for 8-17 lb test, "Crossfire" model. They would be good rods to put a Zebco on for your kids.


I also have a very nice Falcon rod that has only been used on ONE trip. I paid 130 for this rod last year (actually bought two)... I would like a $100 but I am open to reasonable offers. It is a "low rider choke canyon special," model number LFC-7-166, It is a 6'-6'' Heavy action, Fuji guides and a Fuji TPS 16 reel seat. This is an unbelievably comfortable rod to fish, It was highly recommended on many other fishing forums for fishing larger jigs. I bought it for fishing 1/2 and 3/4oz jis and I have been extremely very pleased with it. I have many different brands of casting rods and I can honestly say that Falcons are probably my favorite. I have another one of these rods (this exact model) and I fish it 60-100 times a year probably. Did I mention that it is made here in the US?


Attached are a couple of pictures. Please Call, text or PM me if interested. If I cannot answer your phone call then please leave a voicemail and I will call back as soon as possible, My cell number is 630-596-7375. I live and work in naperville, But I am willing to meet someone halfway if needed (within reason)






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