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New Simms Gear on sale from Midwest Sales Rep


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Hey guys- My wife Colleen Trayser is the Midwest Simms Rep, you maybe saw us at last year's Bonzeback Blowout. She has some year old gear from a Michigan dealer that she offered to sell as a favor to them. Before I put it on eBay I thought I'd give my Smallie brothers a shot first. As you may know you very rarely find Simms gear discounted. All of it is brand new...so here's a list for your attention. Most of the prices are about 33% discounted:


Fleece guide pants, small, black and $80


Freestone Boots size 8....$70


Windstopper Jacket, brick red XL and Large....$149


Guide Fleece Zip Top w/chest zipper, black, 2 Mediums....$80


Guide Vest, grey in Medium and Small.......$90


Wader Wick Pant, black, XXL.....$30


Windstopper Lightweight Vest, black, I have 2 Mediums.....$90


Lightweight Wading Boot, I have 3 pairs of size 9....$88


Guide Weight waders!!! I have 2 mediums and 1 small....$230


Flats Sneakers, size 7....$70



If you need pictures, I have them. First come, first serve!!


Call John Trayser 630.549.0606 or email me at johntrayser@gmail.com


May the weather be with us!!!!

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