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Picking Kayak paddle


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I have a solo canoe and have always used a canoe paddle to propel it.


I have not purchased a kayak paddle because it aggravated a shoulder injury, but rehab has straightened out that problem and Iam ready to take the plunge.


The only problem I have now is choosing the type of paddle and the correct length. Keep in mind that with my shoulder history "lighter is better", but.... I dont want to have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.


Is there any guide, rule of thumb, ect, for choosing the length and paddle configuration for canoe use?

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As others have stated there are many between $50 - $150. The value is in the usage intended, weight and material.


Most canoe recreation/angling paddlers start with something like a Bending Branches "Breeze" for a basic recreational two pcs. paddle. You can find these at most Gander Mtns.


Since your paddling a canoe stick to a 230cm or longer paddle. This will allow a lower angle motion and save the sholders some additional torque. I have seen some paddlers drill a couple holes in the blades to reduce the torque of cupped paddles. Heck, maybe it was to hang up afterwards, too.

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