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What is this pole?


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There is a pole in the bottom of the canoe I just bought and I'm not sure what it's for. I thought at first that it was a standard canoe pole for steering and such but it is mounted under the seats and I see no way to remove it. It slides freely back and forth too. Thanks.

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I know the pole you speak off and to be honest I have no idea, I can only assume.


What I think it is for is warping. I believe that the rod is placed there to help the canoe keep it's shape be it storage, traveling, weight displacement or rocky bottoms. 500 cap is a lot for a canoe and others like it hold less weight and don't have that bar.


It is only a guess. But I think a pretty good one.




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He said pol not pole.


I guess that makes more sense, considering he said he couldn't find a use for it.


Hey JimR...congrats on the new ride. I look forward to helping you put some battle scars on it this summer!

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I was in my local Dick's Sporting Goods over the weekend and saw a canoe there that had a long black pole running almost the entire length of the hull. I was curious, so asked a sales clerk about it & he said it was to stiffen the bottom of the hull. He was maybe 18 years old, so whether he really knew or was b.s.ing is unknown. Seemed to make sense though.



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Thanks for the replies guys, I imagine the guy at Gander Mountain was right. As soon as teh river is clear I'll take you up on that Jude. I'd like to float thrugh the gorge this year. Regardless of how good the fishing is there, it is one of the prettiest spots in Rockford I think. From the bridge anyhow.

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