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Questions about Deer hair for fly tying


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I happen to be a bowhunter who ties flies and was wondering what I need to do if I wanted to keep some of the hide and tail for tying my flies. Would I just buy a kit to tan or is there a better or easier way to do this? How about for other illinois game used for tying? Like Pheasant fox, chucker, etc?


Thanks for any insite you can provide.



Last years harvest:



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I would suggest picking up a copy of A. K. Best's "Dyeing and Bleaching Natural fly-Tying Materials." It is a great book which I refer to often as I dye a lot of my own stuff. He goes into detail about doing these kinds of things. It is a priceless reference.


For bird skins, pick up a box of Borax laundry detergent. After washing/degreasing the skin, stretch and pin the skin upsidedown on a board and cover it with Borax. Borax will draw all moisture out of the skin and act as a preservative. A.K. goes into detail on this.



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I too was wondering the same thing... But since I slacked off this year and didn't even send in for my tags I guess its out of the question.


I didn't feel like a repeat of last year.... 2 large deer, both shot before noon on opening day... gut, drag out and get right back in the car and head home.



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