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Clean Water Program

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Hello, my name is Stacy James and I am the Clean Water Program Coordinator for Prairie Rivers Network, an Illinois organization devoted to the protection of streams statewide. I am writing you today about an opportunity to participate in our upcoming construction site storm water patrol training workshop. I am contacting you in particular because you have expressed interest in this training in the past, or you are a contact person for a watershed/environmental group that might have members interested in this training. We are offering the training because soil erosion from construction sites is a leading cause of the impairment of Illinois streams. We will be offering a training to all interested individuals on the morning of Saturday November 11 in the Village of Aurora. A flyer is attached with more information. I would appreciate it if you could forward this email to others in your organization who might be interested in this opportunity. Please note that an RSVP is requested. Thanks very much, Stacy




Stacy James


Clean Water Program Coordinator


Prairie Rivers Network


809 S. 5th Street


Champaign, IL 61820


phone: 217-344-2371


fax: 217-344-2381








Sponsored by Prairie Rivers Network

& Sierra Club


9:30am - 12:30pm Saturday, November 11

Village of Aurora



Topics Covered Include:


• Storm Water Regulations

• Construction Site Best Management Practices

• How to Fill Out a Site Report Card

• Filing a Citizen Complaint



What We Ask of Participants:


There is a $10 fee to cover the cost of monitoring materials participants will be given. We ask that participants take the information we provide and visit construction sites in their community to assess whether proper storm water controls are in place.



What We Provide Participants:


After the training, call Prairie Rivers Network any time with questions you have about storm water or specific construction sites.



If you would like to attend this half-day training, please contact:

Stacy James (sjames@prairierivers.org, 217-344-2371)

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