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I have wanted to send out a newbie blog for awhile. Now that I have a 2nd I will do so.


I found the ISA through networking and reading up on fishing in general through the wonderful web. I am not sure if it was through conservation look-up, fly fishing, or just plain small mouth fishing. I have visited the site numerous times since the beginning of the year and finally decided to join.


I fly fish. Like a of you on this site. However I started out last year a this year I have actually went out more than before with just a fly rod - keeping my spinning gear at home. So I am still very much a newbie. Originally purchased for catching carp on the fly as my researched showed me that these strong fish are fun on a fly rod. Plus I rarely venture out to the rivers and streams.. I am really good at getting "skunked" at rivers at streams. I just need more time to dedicated to these areas. I am happy in my ability to find quality sized Large Mouth Bass. Now I would like to focus on other species hence one reason I am here. I have never caught a smallie, ever, or a walleye for that matter. But again this is due partly to my lapse in fishing rivers and streams. I hope to change and get a few pictures of myself holding some new species in my hands and a small mouth is on my list. I practice CPR. Always have, I have helped in the last few years to clean up my local area pond with the help of neighbors and the Sierra Club. Not to mention other practices of picking up after others near water ways.


With that said, I found this "club" to be fitting at least for at this time. I hope to learn a lot here and have already seen the fellowship when my lost gear was picked up my other member.


I also flyrodder which provided me with some basic fly casting lessons which built up my confidence of going out and trying it, no matter what the wind conditions are.


Thanks for reading and i'll see you in the path along the way I am sure.

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Welcome aboard, Travis. If you want to get in to smallie fishing, you've joined the right club. I look forward to seeing the picture of your first (of many) smallmouth......Jude

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