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follow up to dnr post


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Morning gentlemen I appreciate all the feedback on my post and all of your suggestions about the DNR issue.I talked to the sergeant at the DNR yesterday and explained my side of the story to him.He was polite and seems to be open to my plea of innocence.He asked several questions and said he would talk to both of the officers that i have had contact with in this situation and get back to me.As of this post i have not heard back from him yet.He also brought up the question about the easement if anyone has any info on this matter i would greatly appreciate it.As i am new to the ISA i have a few questions,first is there a way that some signs can be put up in the algonquin dam area about regulations and size limits on smallies.Also i am always looking for people to fish with in my area.Problem is i only have my computer at work and will not own one at home.So if there is a way to contact people via phone that want to fish i know several good spots and im sure all of you do to.To date i have caught over 60 smallies from the FOX this year,my biggest being 22 inch post spawn female.Imagine how big she was with eggs.Many of my fish have been in the 15-19 inch group.But this is only my second year fishing for smallies so im sure my fish stories are peanuts compared to most.So again thanks for all of your suggestions hope to hear from some of you guys soon. THANKS JOHN !!!!

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Yeah John most of us are catching 23" to 25"ers on a regular basis.......NOT!


Just curious....when you say you are new to the ISA do you mean as a member or new to this site?


From the info you gave it looks like you may have a lot of company joining you soon. :(

Im new to the ISA this site and smallmouth fishing.Im 44 and caught my 1st smallie last year and now i cant stop.

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