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neat tying method

jamie shard

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it looks like tubing to me. also think its a wide gap bass hook with the bend by the eyes. speaking of hooks umpqua is now selling dan blantons flies tied on the eagle claw 410 60 degree bend hook rich

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Food for thought:


It looks like Mylar tubing. I'd have to see the fly to tell how it was tied on. It could be tied front and back on the underszide of the hook or it could be lids over the hook and used to form the belly by the way you bind it down to the hook at the front and back ala Davey Wotton shad pattern. The tubing is typically coated with a head cement or something like Sally Hansen's Hard-As-Nails if you want to control bouyancy. If you put a little lead in the belly it will help it sink and if you leave it filled with air it will float or suspend depending on the weight of materials and hook. If you don't coat the tubing, the fly will sink slowly until the belly fills with water, but will spray water when you false cast it. It's a nice material to control how you want a pattern to float, sink, or suspend in the water column.



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I saved those images recently, but I have no idea where I found them. The hook is actually the kind used for plastics, a D-shaped shank and then the point points, as points do, back toward the eye. I remember them being called keel hook streamers, but it wasn't a classic keel hook, but rather a gammy hook or the like.


Indeed the mylar belly material is only along the hook shank.


-jamie s


aha - I was multitasking and found where I got it: http://globalflyfisher.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=589

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