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Pond outing turned cleanup

Steve Butler

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I've been working too much lately (a bad habit I've been trying to break for years), so I headed out to a Champaign County pond this weekend to give the bluegill some sore mouths. When I got there, though, I was appalled to see the amount of trash that was scattered everywhere! This pond is on county property, and has a trash can right as you walk in from the parking lot. What the heck is wrong with people?! In over an hour of picking up garbage (mostly fishing tackle packaging at that!), I completely filled the garbage can, and carried away an additional two plastic shopping bags of trash, and there was still a lot that I didn't have time to get to before it got completely dark. At what point did people become so lazy that they couldn't carry their trash 50 yards to the garbage can?! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by behavior like that after all the time I've spent around lakes and rivers, but it still gets my blood boiling. I'm going to try to head back there this weekend and finish the job (and maybe get some smallie fishing in on the Salt Fork afterwards ;) ). If there's anyone in the area who could spend an hour or so helping out, give me a heads up.



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Guest rich mc

you didwhat most isa members would do. thank you. i really gets my blood boiling seing the same areas get littered each weekend.not only does the cpo's have to write more fishing violation tickets , they need towrite some for littering. rich

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