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Old, abused crankbaits

Jonn Graham

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I have gotten into painting hardbaits. I am incredibly pretty good at it. Normally, me and artistic ability have had no relationship. But it seems I have found my artistic niche. Anyway, I am looking for old crankbaits that are maybe beat up and need a new paint job. I am willing to pay a fair price for them. A few of my favorite models are:


Bandit 100 series

Bomber Model As

Bomber Fat As

Cordell's Plastic Big O


These are just my favorites, but I am willing to investigate anyone's offers. Thanks

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I've got an ugly purple Storm bait, another regular sized Chug Bug (also ugly), a few Normans.

Interested in swapping or painting them to make them fish catchers?? :D


Brian J Athern

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Send them down to me and I will paint them in some proven colors.........no charge

Jonn Graham

2385 E. Pattonsburg Rd.

Minonk, IL 61760


That sounds great Jonn. I'll pack and ship them soon! Headed to the BPS Opener tonight, it should be a zoo.

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