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Wading jackets and liner pants

Steve S.

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Any recommendations on jackets and liner pants? I'm looking online for some now. Don't want to spend a fortune (I don't have Simms money) but I'd still like to get something functional and durable.



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Guest One More Cast

Simms jackets are a bit dear but they cost what they do for two reasons:


1) They work. There's a reason most guides wear Simms.


2) Gore-Tex is expensive no matter who sews it into a garment, Patagonia, Cloudveil, Orvis or Simms.


For the more budget minded:




This is not a Gore-Tex garment but it's half the price.


As far as what to buy to wear under waders, fleece, wader wick, poly-pro are all good but I don't like Capilene. Even if you go to a Big Box store and buy a pair of Jerzees pants for about $9 you're better off. Don't wear cotton under waders. Not cotton socks, cotton briefs and certainly not jeans. Cotten holds perspiration next to your skin and you'll always be cold. Wear wool socks and a pair of fleece pants and you'll stay warmer and dryer.


Invest your money in a wading jacket because you will wear it more often.



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