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Maquoketa River Outing - Western Region

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Ron P and I fished the Maquoketa River Saturday which replaced the Green River trip that was cancelled. The Maquoketa was in good shape, water level and flow were normal. We floated the first half of the catch and release section just below the Delhi Dam. Fishing was good early and late, but tough mid day. Between the two of us we caught about 10 smallmouth, but nothing huge. Looking forward to catching more as we learn the river. This was the first official Western Region outing. We will continue to search for new rivers in the Western Region.


We will likely chose another outing in July to replace the Rock River trip for the Western Region guys. We will keep you posted.


Check for postings after the 4th of July regarding smallie hunter outings. Our first one will be Duck Creek, date and time to be determined later.


Dave J

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It was a great day on the water with Dave. I tried to hang around an extra hour until 6:30 but after 2 5:30PM break-offs, the body said it was time to quit. I should have taken more picures of the river itself, it reminded me a great deal of the Apple- though quite a bit wider and with fewer limestone bluffs- however, the river itself alternates between fantastic sections of rock strewn riffles and pools and then sections of mud/sand. Wading or floating are both options throughout.


We saw 10 times the fish we caught, just could not interest them in a meal. No doubt, though, this C&R section has reared some nice size smallies.


This 13 in was the first of the day- dang near first cast. I was sure that the day was going to be productive but they grew increasingly smaller throughout the day. You can see the white spinner did the trick here. Caught him in 2 feet of water near a fallen tree branch in modest current.




Dave in cast!


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