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Green River June 27

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Postponed due to scouting trip (updated plans in Let's Hook Up)



If you are planning on joining the Western Region for this float outing you can contact me at my cell 309-314-2294. I've caught a couple 17 inch smallies from a stretch nearby while on foot, so I know they're in there. We just look for deeper water and any evidence of bottom structure. At this point in time, Dave J and I are planning on scouting a section this Wednesday. The water is still running high and I'll have to keep you posted on our recommendations as the 27th approaches. If we can avoid any substantial rainfall in NW IL for the next 2 weeks we will probably be able to safely float. If not- I expect we'll postpone and you can find those updates here.


I could use some input from any experienced canoe/kayak veterans to analize the graphs you see at the site below and give me your input. This is relatively straight water (canal-like) and the width is a constant 25 feet or so. If you can take a peak and give me your feedback, I'd appreciate that greatly.




Assuming it's a go- we'll meet for breakfast at 7AM in Atkinson at Lisa's Place along Rt 6 just east of town and on the south side of the highway. If there are just 2 canoes/yaks, we'll fish the same 7-8 mile stretch that Dave and I are going to scout. If more interest materializes, we can try to put you on another nearby stretch. Come prepared to lower and raise your float with a rope- this may or may not be necessary- but most of the 12-15 ft banks are too steep to walk up or down and carrying a canoe will be right out!


If we get out Wdnesday, we'll give you an update on our findings and prospects for the 27th including the overall float duration for that stretch. Not much stopping to fish- we'll just hit likely spots hard and heavy as we pass and anchor if we need to slow down.


Ron P

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Dave Jones and I took to the water today and started about 8:45A. The Green is aptly named as it runs it's normal muddy-green with little to no visibility. Water temps were good but we didn't get an accurate temp reading (more on this later). There were also very few places to get out and wade- I knew this, but Dave- the eternal optimist- wore his waders anyway.


We threw everything we could think of at them from swim jigs, to crank baits, raps, spinners, mepps, poppers, spider sliders and Kut-tails- you name it. Dave managed the sole fish of the day - a 12 inch cat. (that might be generous). We did paddle up 2 tributaries- one of which was the same as the river and the other had potential- if cramped. It was a drainage that ran out a flush pipe with a reasonable turbulence producing spill. We fought the current for a while and ended up bringing the canoe alongside a shore strewn with concrete chunks where Dave disembarked. I sat alone in the back of the canoe having forsaken the waders.


I noticed quite a few bait fish being chased to the surface in an eddy left of the spillway and mentioned it to Dave, who was closer. He tried to reach it, but an overhanging tree was blocking his cast. I, on the other hand, had quite an open shot. Experienced canoe-rs will see this coming. As I reached back on the off-shore side to make my cast, the canoe began to roll and, in a blink of an eye, I was up to my neck in Green. Wallet, cell phone, lunch, tackle, was all doused or soaked but not a single item was lost to the river- thank God.


I tried every way I could to blame Dave for the incident, but there was just no getting around the fact that I was the only one in the boat at the time. :rolleyes:


There may have been some potential there, but we emptied and dried what we could and hit the water again. We completed the 8 mile float in 3-1/2 hours largely due to the lack of stopping places. We both agree that this water really only has potential in low water conditions. With that in mind, we are postponing next Saturday's outing and hope to reschedule- perhaps in October as a "last float of the year". Ron

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