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Mackinaw Outing report

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Fred Moore, Jim Zoerb, and myself were the only ones to make the Mack outing today. The river had gone up a little the night previous leaving us with a river that was up slightly, BUT VERY DIRTY!! All three of us knew we were probably licked before launching. We did five miles of river and ended up with three smallies. I brought the fly rod and the regular rod. I caught one on a tube and one on a Murdich Minnow. Jim caught one on a copper colored wooly bugger. We fished a ton of eddys but could not get anything going. Too bad, because it was a beautiful day to float.

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I had intended to make it to the outing, but at the last minute decided I didn't like the reports on conditions very well. Ventured out on my own instead, stopping first at the Mack west of Kappa to take a look. Very poor visibility and not quite down low enough to wade, so made tracks for the local spillway. Had a real nice flow & clear water. Took a while, but eventually got into some smallies, 3 of which were over 14 inches. Also had one largemouth (about 12 inches), 1 rock bass, and a bunch of bluegills.


Got two of the smallies on a white, conehead Krystal Bugger (aka Coffee Fly, I believe), and the other good sized one hit a black slider like a hammer.




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