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Fish Kill

Pat M

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Had a very new experience for me this spring at work. I work for a Park District where I am the Supt. Of Parks. The District has Maintenance responsibility for 3 big water retention lakes. These lakes are much like a bath tub, meaning relatively shallow. Well about 4-5 weeks ago we started seeing dead fish, so we had to clean them up. It turned out to be 2,000 lbs of dead carp. There were a few bullheads and maybe one or two LM bass. It was reported to IDNR fisheries biologist who determined the cause was a bacterial infection because of over population. Of course there is a up side and down side.

The upside is how quickly the water cleared up. We had constructed fish cribs and sank them about 10 years ago which is the last time we saw them. Well I am happy to report they are still there and visible now. The biologist informed this was an excellent time to stock the lake with bass, which we are trying to do, but we found out from the company we normally use for stocking fish that this infection is more wide spread than what we thought and fingerlings are hjard to come by.

The downside is that we will probably see more aquatic weeds with the increased light to the bottom and the dead fish will increase the water fertility and cause an algae bloom later thsi summer

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