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Float'n Fly rod on the cheap


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After reading on here I expanded my fishing to the winter months and used the fnf a lot this past winter and early spring with great results. The only thing lacking was my reluctance to foot the bill for a technique specific rod for this application. While you can fish fish the fnf with your 6' rods like I did (and you will catch fish), it's a little difficult lob casting with a fixed bobber and 4' of line pegged under it. Most of the fnf specific rods I looked at were a little on the pricey side.


A friend of mine invited me to go crappie fishing with him this past weekend and said we would be fishing minnows under slip bobbers. I really didn't have an adequate rod for this so I buzzed over to the local Big R store and left with a $29 7'6" Diawa Spinomatic spinning rod. Long story short I took a little 6'3" St. Croix and whupped my buddy's butt fishing crappie sliders instead of minnows. I thought "Just wasted $29" until a little light popped up in my head. This is a great cheap rod for fnf fishing. While I wish it was a foot longer the 7'6" length is certainly easier to cast than a 6' rod. The light parabolic action is rated for 1/32 to 1/4 oz which fits the bill nicely. IM6 graphite, decent quality guides, fuji reel seat, hook hanger, and comfortable cork grip round out the package.


Just thought I'd share my "find" with some others who might want to try the fnf but don't really have a rod suited for it and are too cheap like me to foot the bill for a real fnf rod. :)

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Guest rich mc

the cubby crappie rod will also work. they are 8ft and at gats they are around $25 with isa discount i put a diawa underspin reel on it and can throw lots of larger flies with it. rich

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