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Variety pack O pics

Guest Don R

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I've been fishing the Fox River for the last month or so now with a few breaks in between for work,food,water and a few of life's other necessities (like fishing other rivers!). Fox River smallies seem to be less dependant on good water clarity than the fish of many other rivers in the area. In other words...they're pretty darn easy to catch. I've been throwing a variety of baits to land old Mr (or Mrs.) Bronzeback. I've tried spinners,top water lures,cranks and a mess of plastics. Everything seems to work but my confidence baits (the Yum Crawbug and the lil' Case Hellgie) always seem to catch the most fish. This should come as no surprise because those confidence baits are on my line most of the time.


Neighbor Donny D with a Fox Smallie



Cory holds up a Fox Bronzeback on his birthday



I'm holding up a dink (or is that a denk?)





Cory and I fished a Rock River tributary this past weekend. The clarity wasn't as good as we hoped for but we did manage to catch a few bass.


A doe looks on in the background as Cory tries to fool another smallie.



Cory with a Rock River tributary bass




A couple trips to the Dupage River produced decent results.


Still in search of that 20"er...Steve S



Cory with a good size fish on the Duper



Don R

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