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The Casper Shad and the Plump Perch

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After catching a smallie on Sunday on a fly that imitates a Shad, I knew I would have to keep playing. The fly that was used on Sunday was lost to the "rock gods" of powerton. Because of this, I was down to zero shad flys. Last night I sat down and came up with another one that I think looks better than the first. What is the difference? I used Arctic Fox hair rather than craft hair. Of course, only the fish will let me know if it is any better. Here is a photo of what I am calling "the Casper Shad"






The next fly is pretty much the same as the Casper Shad, but colored to imitate a juvenile perch. I used craft hair on the back and sides, but Arctic Fox on the belly. See below:






Both of the above flys have .025 lead wire wrapped on the hook shank. Don't know how many wraps - forgot to count. But I do know these flys are weighted almost exactly to the ones I used on Sunday, and those seem to have a perfect drop rate..............at least for shallow water.

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did you get a chance to see the 3M minnows in the other posts?? I tied up a few and they look like winners, I'll try to get some pics up. its a good looking fly that is a pretty fast and a easy tie



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