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Thanks Bob,


That looks like it is not too tough to tie and I can imagine that it would be quite effective. You listed the weight of the jig/hook. But I'm having trouble visuallizing the size of this fly. If you had included a coin in the picture (for size reference) would you have used a quarter or a dime? If I were to use say a 2x long Nymph hook, about what size hook would it be?


If the jig is that light in weight, I imagine it casts very much like a a fly tied with a cone head. I like tying cone head flies, but I sometimes find that if I rush or if I'm not careful, the cone get's loose over time. Sometimes it takes a long time, but often it takes less time than I would like before things get loose. By tying this on a jig hook, one does not have to deal with that weight getting loose on the hook.


Thanks again,

Ken S.

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Here is the size of the fly, also some of the jighooks. I have used cones and dumbell eyes, but I found the hook still rode point down. Simply putting weight on the hook near the eye, (even on the top of the shank) doesn't change it's design characteristics and flip a hook designed to ride point down into a hook that rides point up.


I found a great deal of difference in what I tied a fly to do, and what it actually ended up doing in the water, in current. 've found many flies didn't do as the tyer intended. There is a great deal of difference between a fly in the vise and one in the water. Maybe it was just me, but after many years, I abandoned cones and lead eyes and turned to jighooks.

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