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Crib Fest part II

Guest Don R

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Northern Harrier Lake is the new name for the “Bluff City” Lake at Pratts Wayne Woods Forest Preserve. I am planning a work day from 8am to 2pm to place 100 stake buckets on the ice with the probable construction of several brush piles. I will be looking for volunteers for this program. Please let your members know about the project.


This year we completed removing the islands and planting emergent’s on the two under water islands. 4,000 Smallmouth Bass were stocked in July. This fall we stocked 5,700 Yellow Perch and 500 Walleye. Plans are being made to open the lake to the public around July 4, 2009.


Thanks you for your organizations support and have a great holiday.


Don LaBrose


Fisheries Biologist


Office of Natural Resources - Ecology


Forest Preserve District of DuPage County




Several volunteers are needed for this project. Please respond in the Conservation and Volunteer opportunities forum if you can lend a hand.





For more information about this ongoing project..... http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/foru...?showtopic=2505

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