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Nat'l Hunting & Fishing Days - Volunteers Needed


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The ISA will have a "booth" at the upcoming National Hunting & Fishing Days event to be held at Silver Springs State Park in Yorkville on Saturday/Sunday, Sept. 23/24. We are in need of volunteers to help spread the word about the ISA and the good work it does. The ISA will also be running the IDNR's fishing video machine for the enjoyment of young and old fishermen. Additional information about National Hunting & Fishing Days can be found on the following website: http://www.huntingandfishingdays.org/


Please consider spending a few hours on either day to help support the ISA's efforts to promote fishing and conservation. Contact Craig Holderness either via e-mail (PM on the ISA website or at CHolde701@aol.com) or via telephone at (630) 655-1102 to volunteer.


Thank you!

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Guest rich mc

we do need more members to help out with this. we need someone for our booth, the idnr fishing machine and the kids casting event. contact us if you can work a half day and spendthe rest with your family there or fish the fox river . rich

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