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Pink canopy bed and a fly called Wanda

Guest One More Cast

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Guest One More Cast

I just got back from fishing the Upper Mississippi with Kip Veith of Wildwood Float Trips.


We had a two day float scheduled and I flew up to MPLS where Kip picked me up from the airport and off to the river we went. They run large poppers up there, all with rubber legs. Those bugs we cast without rubber legs went ignored.


As soon as I get the photo, I'll try to post it but among the countless 18"+ smallies we caught, we took a 20" smallie that had the largest girth of any river smallie I have ever seen. It weighed out on a Boga grip at 5 1/2 pounds and it took a popper tied by Kip called Wanda. The pattern is not called "the Wanda", the name of that fly was called Wanda. He had an exact duplicate of that fly called Lucy and another called Betty.


Cheap sandle foam, rubber legs and some hackle all tied to a size 6 TMC 8089 hook.


Stayed over at Kip's house and the only bed open was his daughter's bright pink canopy bed and I felt a little odd sleeping in it but after casting all day in the wind sleep came in about 9 seconds.


More info on Kip and his float trips here:





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