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Two Rods

Bob McCarthy

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I dont know if the Third Grip is configured to hold a fly reel or not.

However, the thought of carrying a nine foot fly rod around where I cant see it kind of gives me the willies..........especially on the small streams I fish. I think I would be untangling it from brush and limbs more than I would be fishing.


John Graham could answer that question for you he sells the Grip. If you want to talk to him I could PM you his phone number. Let me know.

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Guest rich mc

i asked jonn about it yesterday. the fly rod requires a special holder that is available. so now you can carry the fly rod and store the other rod or get the attachment and do the opposite

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Lately I've hit the river carrying both a fly rod and a spinning rod. I use a Patgagonia Double Haul vest which has a strap that runs along my lower body and allows me to tuck either rod under the strap. It has been working pretty well. You have to be careful with the "spare" rod when you are walking/wading to make sure that you don't snag it on something and break the tip.


I often have the fly rod rigged with a topwater fly and the spinning rod rigged with a jig, which enables me to cover most of the water column with far less re-rigging and tying on lures. It is also nice being able stand on a brush covered shoreline and be able to cast a spinning lure to the other side of the river, which is tough to do with a fly rod.

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