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Fishing report, 7/6


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Fished Sunday evening for a few hours (finally got out again!). Got four fish, three 12 - 14" and my friend (not and ISA member, Yet!) got one that was just over 15". His largest smallie yet.


I also caught a Redeye Bass. I was just standing there and he moved in right downstream from me. I let my fly drift over him, holding the line with my hand, just to show my friend where the fish was. He came right up and grabbed the fly. He was about 12" and looked like cross between a LM bass and a crappie, with bright red eyes. I've never seen one before. Are they common around here?


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Kinda sounds like a rock bass, Al. If so, a 12" rockie is quite a catch!


You're absolutely right. After looking at some pictures, it was a rock bass. The Redeye bass has more barred markings. This one just had spots. I thought it was a nice chunky crappie at first, until I saw the red eyes.


I gotta get a waterproof camera!!!

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