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June Outdoor Notebook

Dan Draz

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Wondering what kinds of things ISA is doing to get noticed? wonder no more! I picked up the current issue of the June Outdoor Notebook today and holy cow, it's ISA palooza!


Page 5,6, 7 and 12 Jonn Graham article & photo of Jonn holding bronze!

Page 25 & 30 Adopt A Stream article information about ISA Membership

Page 27 & 28 Don Rego article on our sign posting event

Page 33 Quinn Draz got the inside cover photo on a pond LM with a Jonn Graham swim jig in its mouth!

Page 34 Quinn and Dan Draz with Illinois River Catfish

Page 35 & 36 Article by Randy Dunlap on ISA membership

Page 35 Quinn Draz with his first river smallie

Page 36 Dan Draz with river smallie spitting up a 5 inch bait fish

Page 36 Reference to Don Rego's sign posting article

Page 39 The Joz Man holding a nice fish

Page 42 Sign posting photo


Nice job guys!!



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Guest rich mc

i always look forward to the issues. they normally dont get out west here till late in the first week of the month. isa may be mentioned with the musky rescue at shabbona , if the article made it in .

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