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Gold Blade Buzzbaits

Rick D.

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Looking for gold blade buzzbaits.


Its a presentation that is new to most anglers in this region and the smallies are jumping all over them. Considering the wet cloudy condition we have experienced I was surprise we haven't applied these flashy baits to our angling regiment.


Suggestions and sources?



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Boogerman makes a buzzbait called the "racket buzz" that works really well. I've always been a fan of their baits. They make a gold-bladed buzzer, as you can see here:






I'm still a fan of the white blade / white skirt.




You could always buy the model with the gold blade and then change the skirt out to any color you want. Do a Google search and you can probably find them at a lot of online stores, plus some local shops.


You can buy the 1/8-ounce gold shiner models here:



I find white and silver are more effective as water normally clear thru summer. This summer has been anything but normal, here.


Rick D.

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