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New swim jig

Jonn Graham

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Here is a new spin on my swim jigs. This jig is called the Scout jr. It is slightly different than the normal Scout that has been so successful this year.




This smaller swim jig does have some neat advantages:


1. The head is triangular in shape, much like a minnow's head. This triangular shape cuts through current great.


2. Sparser skirt leads to a smaller, finesse swim jig - great for smaller waters


3. Smaller 4/0 hook


4. The shape of the head allows the bait to skip on the water. This is really great when trying to get the swim jig back under trees and other cover.


5. The head shape also provides a very neat rocking motion when reeled through the water.


6. The Scout jr. comes in lighter sizes than the standard Scout - 1/8 and 3/16 oz.


I will be offering these for a limited time at an introductory price of $2.50 each and a dozen for $24. This price is only for alliance members and will only last until July 1st. If you are interested, please email me grahamj@district87.org or jaden@mtco.com. Or call me at 309-399-7055.


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