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Thoughts for the new year's season

Michael T

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Each winter I sit and dream about those hot summer afternoons casting a puffy deer hair popper into the shade of a tree overhanging the water. Wait for it........ploop........wait for it........SPLASH...wait...STRIP SET!


I also think about all the new water I should explore and fish, and the flies I normally don't throw....but should. Here are a few web sites I've surfed across this winter:


Fly tying videos: http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Tying-Vid...s.asp?section=6 I like the Butt Monkey fly and the angry music, the Foam Popper and its Celtic tune, the Zoo Cougar but not its weeki-weeki tune, I like the technique of the Pile Driver but too old to understand the tune.


Here's a few important knots, but notice the lack of loop style knots? http://www.animatedknots.com/indexfishing.php


Here's a good site and a link to an intertaining read on knots: http://www.midcurrent.com/articles/knots/s...lastlink_1.aspx


This is a site I've loved for a couple of years and visit often: http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/




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