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Time for top-water

Michael T

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These two poppers I tyed are using successive strips of foam that build up the body and a large diameter mylar tubing over it. Notice the difference in the body color of the poppers. One was tyed with green foam and the other with yellow, but each covered with the same mylar tubing.



Here's a deer hair chugger bug/frog I tyed a couple of months ago. I haven't fished it yet, but I bet it throws a LOT of water.


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Thanks for the compliments. Steve, I can't recommend Chris Helm's deer hair dvd strongly enough. Actually, I think he's produced several deer spinning dvd's and I think I have the first one (it's out on loan or I'd confirm the title). To be able to replay any step as many times as needed is a huge plus to a first time "spinner". I did take the class he taught at One More Cast, and picked up a few new tips. About a month after the class, I phoned his shop just to ask a question. He answer the phone and we talked for quite a while.....of course I purchased a number of items :rolleyes: before hanging up.


One key step to getting a tightly packed fly is using a large clump of hair. He even commented about this concept in class and pointed out that his earlier dvd specifies using a smaller clump. It's nice to know that even the world renowned expert tweaks his technique.


Assembling/spinning the deer hair is more technique and proper mechanics, but shaping the fly with scissors and a razor blade is all ART. Shaping is the process that humbles me (it's when I do the majority of my cursing).


Thanks Rich, yeah, I remember learning to whip finish that night. Since I think I did it for 30 minutes without stopping, I learned it all right! I should have kept that hook...with 45 or so whip finishes and no material...it's a one of a kind.

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I'll get that loaner DVD back to you on Monday if you can make it to our 4th Monday session. I actually have two of yours.


I agree that it is encouraging to hear the "pros" say that they are still learning things and tweaking their techniques. It all comes down to practice. Michael's deer hair flies are as good as they are because of the amount of practice he has put in on them. I have not made time for tying a priority lately so I feel like I am falling out of practice.


I finally have my tying bench area organized well enough that I should be able to pop down into that corner of the basement and tie one or two patterns if I can set aside just 30 mins. It was difficult to tie when I had to set everything up on the dining room table, do some tying and then put it all away. Can't do much of that in 30 mins. The other day, I was able to leave a fly half done and then come back to finish it hours later. I don't recommend this as a standard practice, but it is nice to have that option.


The point being, I hope to be able to plan more time to stay in practice and keep my skills honed. When I took my first formal tying class, the instructor suggested going home and tying at least a dozen of the pattern we learned. The first couple were no so hot, but by the time I did the last one of the 12, I was pleased with what I could tie. Now I just have to make tying practice a priority.

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I am planning to be there tomorrow, but I'm in no hurry for those back. However, there's a nice helgrammite pattern on Chad's dvd. Perhaps you could perfect that fly and demo it on a Monday nighter. :D


As Ken is aware, I've commadered a small round table in the kitchen area that I leave my tying stuff set up. As long as it's somewhat contained, my wife doesn't protest. I guess that's a benefit to having a lid on the tying desk I built; closing the lid makes the whole table look neater.

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