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Clouser's Swimming Nymph

Michael T

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I've tyed a few of these since I bought Mr. Clouser's book at the Fly show in February. I've had rather decent success with this fly on smallmouths and it's entertaining to tye.


I'm pleased that I've been able to get my 6 and a half year old digital camera to photograph a fly...finally! I had a feeling it was user error. Clearly I'm not done with the adjustments, because 90% of the material I used for this fly is an olive green not brown as the pic shows.

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It is. The book is simply titled Clouser's Flies and first published in 2006. It's a really good book. Very clear, detailed pictures, and text for each pic doesn't leave you guessing through any step.


The first ones I tyed and fished were brown. They produced strikes...let's see how the olive compares.

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How would you rate the difficulty of tying this pattern. It is obviously not as difficult as those Deer Hair Poppers you are getting so good at. It must be more diffcult than a Woolly Bugger. Is this more or less difficult that a Clouser Minnow or compared to a Stimulator.


Perhaps we can ask you to demo this one at a 4th Monday session some time.



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This fly is relatively simple; I don't think it's that much more difficult than a Woolly Bugger. There are plenty of steps, but the mechanics are all of the basics. The most difficult part is getting the taper on the dubbed portion between the tail and wing casing, which is still a challenge for me.

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