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ISA fund raising drive

Guest Don R

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Got a letter in the mail today. The letter says that the ISA has been preserving smallmouth bass and their habitats through education and conservation for thirteen years. It goes on to mention the four grants that were awarded this year. These grants will help restore habitat, reduce sedimentation and improve understandings of stressors such as heat and turbity on smallmouth bass populations in Illinois.


I think this annual fundraising drive is a great idea! I'll be sending a check in the mail later this week. I see that they will also accept donations through PayPal.


I hope my fellow officers and members will dig as deep as they can to suport this organization.


Think for a moment about what the ISA has done for conservation. Think about the future. Think about what you have gotten out of the ISA.




Don Rego

Chicagoland Region Coordinator

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Is it better (for the ISA) if we pay by check rather than PayPal? In other words, will a fee be avoided by the ISA?


When will feedback/results become available from the four grants?

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When will feedback/results become available from the four grants?


The work is in progress or completed now, Steve.


The status of the four projects from the granting program is as follow:


Rich posted the Indian Creek bank work that was completed earlier this summer.


Gregg Whitledge at SIU and Mike Carter at UIUC are collecting data right now. They will have some data pulled together by sometime in fall or early winter. We'll have a formal report of findings from them before the Blow-out in February.


The Clear Creek bank work is a much larger cooperative project involving several institutions and is still being brought together. We're holding those funds until the whole project is ready to roll.


Don't forget too the water willow planting and all the other projects such as the kid's casting and kids fishing days that the ISA supports.


There is a small deduction for using Paypal, but I'm going to use it anyway just because of the simplicity.

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