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nice markings


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I think you can find a few of this rarities around you. :rolleyes


Speaking of weight... I'd like to catch a 5lb smallie someday. One of our crew got a Mississippi River 20". Didn't hit 4lbs on a digital scale. I got my personal best not that long ago and I highly doubt it hit 5lbs yet it was a couple numbers over 20. I think that any time we hear about a 6,7,8lb smallie it's probably as much of a B.S. story as the Louie Spray muskie. I personally dont think the waters around here are capable of producing a 5lb fish. I think some southern and northern waters are very capable to the point where 4 lbs is almost a common true number. But until we see a picture of a 20"ish smallie from around here on a certified digital scale, I don't think it's happening. The 20" I'm speaking of from the big river would probably go over 4lbs in fall or during spring spawn. But...check out the photo and you'll see that most average fisherman would have been crying out "5 or 6 lbs!" when it was only 3 lbs 12 oz. Lookie>> http://www.customfish.com/2007/08/man-on-mississippi.html

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