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8 Weight Combo


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I'm in the process of reducing clutter in my basement and I have too much fishing gear with more duplicates than I can use..   I have an eight weight setup that needs to be used.

The rod is a Guideline rod that was a prototype, so it has no markings on it. Guideline is a company that went out of business several years ago.  It is a fast action rod is a cannon that has not seen much use.  The reel is a Lamson Konic 3.5 that is loaded with a eight weight Scientific Anglers Wavelength MPX line. The reel shows signs of use, but it works just fine.  The line also has not seen much use and is great shape.

I am asking $100 for the setup.  I would be happy to meet you someplace in the suburbs where you can test cast the rod .  PM me if you are interested.







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