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Its Been A While

Mark P

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I realized that I should have posted this in this section and not the member’s submission section... so...Its been a while since I’ve posted here as I have had my attention focused on other areas of fly tying and fly fishing.  In addition to having my fly tying work inducted into the Master’s Collection at the Catskill Fly Tying Museum and also being selected as a ProStaff or ProTyer for some very well known U.S. and European fly tying/fishing companies, I have been looking into a number of European fly tying material and tools companies who don’t have a presence in the U.S. market (yet).  There are a couple in particular that I would like to tell you about.  The first manufactures it’s own line of fly tying scissors.  The scissors are at least equal to those manufactured by companies like Dr. Slick with some of the design aspects being even better.  The costs are a fraction of those offered by Dr. Slick and they also offer laser engraving of your name or logo (or whatever you want) on the scissors for no additional cost.  (Think $5.00 vs. $18.00). Here is their website - www.sharpedgeinst.com

Additionally, I’ve been talking with an inventor named Didier Samie, from France, who has developed and has been granted a U.S. patent for a bobbin holder.  The bobbin holder includes a set of retractable hooks used for creating dubbing loops and has an adjustable spool tensioner included in its design.  Didier has also developed a CDC/Hackle folding tool that works extremely well and is simple in it’s design.  It’s one of those tools where you ask yourself, why didn’t I think of that.

Didiers website is www.hookbobbin.com if you are interested in looking into these tools further.

Finally, I wanted to ensure that I stated that I am not receiving any form of compensation for helping these two organizations, but I am a member of their ProTeam.  My motives are simple, I”m trying to help my fly tying colleagues by informing them about some less costly alternatives, as well as some unique offerings.  We all know that fly tying is an expensive pursuit, and if this helps those on a budget or those just starting out, well I’m all for that.

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