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Finally got to put the JudeBug to the test in slider mode yesterday. I was confident of it in popper mode, 'cause I caught gobs on it last summer. As far as slider mode goes, I knew I liked the action from tests in ponds earlier in the year, but hadn't really fly fished (fished period, actually) much to give it a real field test.


Went to the S. Branch of the Kish (Deer Run) around 1:00 yesterday. By 4:30, I'd only caught one on a clouser. I was standing on the bank jigging the clouser in a hole, so I can hardly even say I was fly fishing. I was thinking of calling it quits, but opted to head up a different arm of the river.


I flipped a white JudeBug into slider mode and cast upstream towards some sunken branches in a still area. As I stripped the Bug past the debris, I saw the flash and set the hook on my first smallie ever in slider mode. He was only about 10", but I was pumped anyway! I proceeded to pull several more out of the same area before heading upstream to a creek mouth. The action really picked up at the creek mouth. I would cast up into the creek, and as the Bug entered the main flow it would get nailed. The water was clear enough that I saw almost every strike. I was in HEAVEN. None were huge, two were about 12" and fat. But I ended up getting 14 smallies on the same white JudeBug in about two hours! God I love this hobby!

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Tonight wasn't quite as productive (7), but still a greattime. Jeff, I'll be throwing some bugs in the mail this week. Since you said you wanted to try to tie some, I'll send you some foam cut to size to give you a head start. Some instructions, too.

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Guest rich mc

jude, what tying step is differant to make the jude bug both a slider and popper?. we had the directions for the jude bug popper in a newsletter rich

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