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Front mount anchor ?

k olson

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I have been toying with the idea on rigging up a front mount anchoring system for my Coosa. I have a drag chain set up for the back but feel a front drag chain would allow me to hold in better locations espically on windy days. I discussed this idea with another fellow ISA member, who was going to do the same thing. I made list of the pros & cons and the one negative that I seem to be stuck on is that with a front mount drag chain, my rope/leash will be at a 45* angle in the water upstream, probably in the 15-20' range. I will be casting near this or futher upsteam. I'm worried that I run a high risk of tangle or break off because of tangle with anchoring system. I had not thought of this before but now I'm really considering scrapping this whole idea but I really think anchoring from the front will help put myself in a better position for fishing. Any input, ideas, or personal experiences on this topic is greatly appreciated.

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