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Hey....do you want to join the mile high club?

Randy D

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OK. Get your mind out of the gutter.


Quick funny story about the lengths that I have gone to in acquiring fishing tackle. Yes. I have a problem. It is well documented. What does this have to do with the "mile high club"? I will get to that.


I have your standard desk jockey type job. Constantly working on the lap top, tablet or smart phone. Certain times of the year (primarily the cold ones), I end up working a lot. While there are down times in the day, they are relatively short and inconsistent. Perfect for the online lure habit that I have developed. To the point that I am now a multiple member of the mile high club. I can say that I have purchased fishing lures numerous times online while on a long flight using in air wifi service. As for the traditional mile high club.......this is a family show.


Yes. My wife does not know this but she has already given up on me. She no longer thinks twice when a package shows up from Cabelas, Bass Pro, Tackle Warehouse, some random place in Japan, whatever. It is "normal" in our house.


Anyone else bought lures at 30,000 feet? Any other good strategies or stories for tackle acquistion?


By the way, if you have not tried it. Surfing the web (primarily Ebay) for lures while traveling is a great way to kill time. Better than Suduko (or whatever it is called).

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